"1st Century Bank is all about access, whenever, wherever: from our Relationship Management team all the way to the CEO.”

Jonathan Gerber, David Jacob, Selwyn Gerber, Moshe Graber, Partners, Gerber & Co

"1st Century Bank solves problems."

Peter Ross & Eric George, Brown George and Ross, LLP

"1st Century Bank understands entrepreneurial firms like ours. The result has been a close and collaborative business relationship at every stage of our growth and success."

Andrew Kirsh, Jeffrey Sklar & Jennifer Borow, Partners, Sklar Kirsh

"Our relationship with 1st Century Bank is a collaboration that is critical to our company's success."

Elliot Megdal, Partners, Megdal and Associates

"1st Century Bank understands the demands of managing multiple businesses with unique needs."

Lee Maen, Philip Cummins, and Craig Katz, Partners, Innovative Dining Group

"As a community-based non-profit, we rely heavily upon relationships. 1st Century is dedicated to meeting all of our banking needs as well as supporting our organization in every way possible"

Lynn Warshafsky, Executive Director, Venice Arts

"We take change - especially a change in banks - very seriously.
1st Century Bank offered more services, and a better credit strategy.
The transition was seamless."

John Herman and KG Venkataram, CEO and V.P of Finance, Bottega Louie

Our Clients

We serve leading professional services firms, entrepreneurs, entertainment professionals, real-estate firms, family-owned businesses, and private banking clients. Meet some here.